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Sunday, September 28, 2008

New DVD Set

Right before I went to Virginia to visit my daughter last month, I got the DVD set I ordered May'08. This is from a different group than the last set and they sure operated different too!

All along, as time went by, I kept getting different notices of what was happening with the product. Right before the set of DVDs came to me, they sent me an actual letter (!) explaining a little bit about what was happening and offering me a special on future purchases!

What a breath of fresh air this was.


Not only was I kept well-informed, offered a little something to ease my pain of waiting so long (not really that long by comparison) I got a fantastic product.

I've been thru the whole thing once and a couple of the sections more times now. I know I'll be going over and over and over this material again. This is probably the best investment I have EVER made in my whole life!

I wish some spots were a bit better quality and sometimes, they forget to put the microphone in the hands of the user. I bet they will solve some of those issues in the future though!

I'm really excited about this item because I will be able to offer this to YOU soon too!

Details are forthcoming to me and when I figure out how to let you know too, I'll be back with the news!

This one product could make a big difference and I'm glad I'm part of that process.

Stay Tuned!

Pam Hoffman


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