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Monday, September 22, 2008

The She Factor: How to Find, Catch and Keep Your Share of the Female Market!

Here it is! I've been waiting for this one by Lorrie Morgan Ferrero. If there is any way, I'm going. It's not too far away and it's a very important event.

Lorrie says:

“It’s a Shame to See So Many Entrepreneurs Struggle When It Can Be SO EASY to Attract Much More Money WITHOUT Spending More on Marketing…”

"I Know the Secrets, and I’M TELLING!!"

Even more importantly:

It’s a whole new world out there with fast-changing technology and super savvy consumers. And if you haven’t noticed, the market to reach has changed too. It used to be that masculine, testosteronal driven marketing worked like gangbusters to sell, sell, sell. No more. That’s because it’s the WOMEN who make 85% of the buying decisions…across EVERY BRAND!

(Yes, even the ones you wouldn’t think of like sporting merchandise, motorcycles, SUVs, real estate, electronics, even handguns!) Women are leading the way with their wallets.

And women want to be treated differently! In fact they demand it or they simply go play in someone else’s sandbox.

The She Factor: How to Find, Catch and Keep Your Share of the Female Market!
October 2-3, 2008
Los Angeles, CA

If You Go, Let Me Know!

Pam Hoffman


Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero said...

I hope I see you there, Pam, but things have changed. The Oct 2-3 event is MUCH smaller (fewer than 10 people) and is being rolled out early for testimonials. As of today, 9/23/08, we have ONE SEAT left. You can email supportchicken@gmail.com if you're interested.

However, there will be a larger (50 person) event on November 10-12.

Thanks for spreading the word, Pam. Next time I'll let you know earlier.


Pam Hoffman said...

Hey lorrie!

Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad you let us know what's happening.

I'll update my files for November then!

I appreciate your help,

Pam Hoffman

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