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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Podcamp Ireland

How cool is this? This is my very first Seminar I get to list in the country of Ireland!

You know about Podcamp already, right?

Here's a little bit they wrote up about their LAST Podcamp (i didn't know about Podcamp last year!):

PodCamp Ireland (2007) took place in Kilkenny and was a terrific day of where we heard from newcomers and experts in social media in Ireland and beyond. Over 70 people attended the inaugural event and you can relive some of the moments via our Jaiku channel, uStream.tv channel (video) and in picture format through flickr.

PodCamp Ireland is the very first stand-alone event to promote the use and provide guidance and tips on the subject of social media in Ireland.

Podcamp Ireland is an unconference. In other words it relies on the active engagement and collaboration of participants to make it happen. Everything about an unconference comes from the participants. That includes the topics which will be discussed, the time and place, and even the decision as to whether to hold such an event at all.
Podcamp Ireland
September 27, 2008
Kilkenny, Ireland

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