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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Affiliate Incubator: The Lost Files - Found

I finally received my Affiliate Incubator recordings.

AI was a Seminar held last October 2007. I was going alone this time and I wanted to get the recordings for my boyfriend, Jeff, who stayed home. It was only an additional $97 - way less than buying an additional ticket and I thought I could use the refresher too.

Turns out, I missed part of Ewan Chia's presentation so I'm glad I was getting the recordings.

Well, this set of recordings just arrived TODAY!

And it's BEAUTIFUL...

I've been to Seminars in the past where they produced the recordings to EVERY SESSION!, into the dozens for the entire time, and you could buy them right there at the Seminar.

Of course, they were cassette tapes and VCR videos in 1989 (ISDC in Chicago if you know about them).

I can't imagine it is any harder for CDs to be produced now - I'm guessing it's even easier.

I just got these - almost 5 months after the fact.

I'm not sure what took so long. I've contacted both Stu & Russell as well as I could and I heard nothing back.

Sometimes, it makes me wonder about stuff like this. I suppose I could actually form a business going around to these Seminars and getting their recordings going for them. Might be a bit capital intensive.

I'll think about it though. I would have been much happier getting this information sooner. It's such a volatile market.

Oh well,

Pam Hoffman


Jonathan said...

I was just on a webinar with Russell and Stu regarding the upcoming Affiliate Incubator 2008, and they said something about the info being made available, but later on, so that attendees were given the opportunity to put to use the things they learned with a competitive advantage over the rest.

Kind of like they're going to release it as a separate product in a few months? I dunno. I agree with you though - sure would be nice to go home with those disks along to really go over everything.

Pam Hoffman said...

Hey jonathan!

Yeah, I tuned into that webinar too. I was thinking it would seriously be a re-hash of the stuff I heard last October at Affiliate Incubator in Anaheim, CA.

Boy was I surprised!

I heard some new things and they really loaded us up. I sure hope they will offer todays recording to replay again! I took notes furiously so I do have that at least!

I'm so glad you stopped by. I really enjoyed visiting your blog as well.

Keep on keepin' on!

Pam Hoffman

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