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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

IAB Marketplace: Networks & Xchanges

Ad networks and exchanges are changing the world of online advertising. How much do you know about them and how do they affect you? Join us at the IAB Marketplace: Ad Networks & Xchanges event to find out!

IAB Marketplace: Networks & Xchanges
March 31, 2008
New York, NY

At this one-day education packed event, you will:

Learn how to protect your brand and clients as you gain an understanding of where and in what context your ads appear

Gain an objective overview of ad networks and exchanges from top industry analysts from ThinkEquity and receive a copy of their exclusive industry report featuring an in-depth analysis of the network and exchange landscape

Understand key strategic considerations each marketer, agency and publisher must weigh when incorporating networks and exchanges into a media plan

Learn both the positives and negatives of networks and exchanges, as well as other factors to address when deciding if, and in what capacity, networks and exchanges make sense for you

Meet the ad networks and exchanges who are changing the game and find out if and how they can benefit you

If You Go, Let Me Know,

Pam Hoffman


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