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Monday, February 11, 2008

Online Marketing Summit Conference

From their site...

The Online Marketing Summit is an invitation only, "vendorless" educational forum for Marketers. Set in beautiful San Diego, Marketers from leading companies gather every year to share best practices and learn from expert online practitioners. Unlike most tradeshows and conferences, OMS is built around content that drives action and delivers insight that we as Marketers can actually use and build into our marketing plans.

This summit's sole objective is to educate, collaborate, network and learn how to execute the best known practices in Online Marketing. Included in this summit are Hands-on workshops, on-site usability and SEO labs, thought-leader presentations, and peer-to-peer collaboration on:

*Social Media Business Strategies
*Search Engine Marketing in-depth education
*Website Usability
*Customer Experience Best Practices
*Web Analytics and ROI Tracking
*Planning & Budgeting for Online Success
*Email Marketing & Landing Page Tactics

Online Marketing Summit Conference
February 21-23, 2008
San Diego, CA

This one is very close to home (for me!) so I'd better look into going. I'll Let You Know, if I do! ;)

If YOU Go, Let Me Know!

Pam Hoffman


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