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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Billionaire Bootcamp

During this week long program - Billionaire Bootcamp, you will integrate the leadership techniques of the world’s most successful individuals to achieve spectacular results. With Christopher Howard’s cutting-edge technologies, we are as close as we’ve ever come to actually being able to “download the software of the mind” just like plugging into “The Matrix.”

If you would you like to revolutionize an industry like Bill Gates, utilize obstacles to your greatest advantage like Richard Branson, master money like Warren Buffett, or empower people and build personal wealth like Oprah Winfrey, now you can install in yourself the winning formula it took the magicians of the material world a lifetime to learn.

Billionaire Bootcamp
March 1-7,2008
Lahaina, HI

You will learn:
• How to eliminate thoughts and patterns (even ones you didn’t know you had) that have prevented you from fulfilling your boldest dreams
• How to transform any and every aspect of your life instantly – and permanently
• How to upgrade the software of your own mind and install the mindsets and strategies of highly successful leaders for spectacular results
• Neurological Re-Patterning® processes that will allow you to embody the chosen beliefs, values, habits and attitudes of billionaires and great world leaders
• How to enrich your interpersonal relationships, and live a life of wealth and luxury

Sounds pretty good, eh?

If You Go, Let Me Know!

Pam Hoffman


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