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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Training Calls in Preparation for the Seminar

I have noticed a growing trend with Seminar promoters. They are offering great training, by phone, in advance of their Seminar!

I tuned into the Armand Morin call last Tuesday and yeah, he did some promotion of his Big Seminar X.

I was quite surprised and delighted too, that more than 50% of the call was devoted to actual TRAINING and I really learned something. Armand himself spoke to that topic, which he titled 'Obvious Marketing,' on that call.

I understand he will have other people, speakers from the seminar, giving the training for the next calls. Tonight is Ryan Deiss who will talk about successful membership sites. Sounds quite interesting and I am likely to tune into that.

If you know everything about membership sites, you might want to listen in on Paulie Sabol's call. David Garfinkel will cover "A LIVE, no mercy copy critique of our event announcement page." Sounds interesting. BTW, they only have 16 seats left for their World Internet Main Event.

I think there is another one out there, I'll have to dig into my notes and my memory (yeah, right) to see what I can find for you.

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