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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ken McCarthy's System Seminar

This Internet Marketing Seminar really caught my attention. It's only one day long!

From their site...

Join an intense, small group training
conducted personally by Ken McCarthy,
the single most effective trainer
of Internet marketers in the
history of Internet marketing

Quite a claim!

System Seminar 2007
August 25, 2007
Chicago, IL

Ooohh. Chicago. Great city. Really Great Food!

Another piece from their site...

What you really need is simple...and it takes one day to convey it How to
identify real opportunities online (not the fad-of-the-month junk the gurus
push like dope dealers on a street corner.)
How to select and work with the right marketing tool for the market you're in…the ones that make sense, the ones that make money - not the ones that keep your head spinning and your bank account empty.
How to get going - and keep going - through all the inevitable ups and down of building a profitable business.
I guess I'm just really, really practical and this appeals to me! Assuming their claim is sustantial.

We can look forward to more of these, see for yourself...

So here's what I've done. I've set some dates to do intense one day small group
workshops on Internet marketing in cities around the world…System-style. Taught
directly by me with an assist from an experienced System grad I trained from a
The first one will be in Chicago on August 25th. The second one will
held in New York City on September 15th. Other cities I plan to bring the
training to over the next seven months are: London, UK; Toronto, Canada; New
Orleans; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Orlando; Atlanta; and Dallas.
Enrollment per intensive will be limited to just 68 people (that's the
number of people who attended the original System Seminar in 2002.)
The fee: $795 and that includes the full day's training; your own copy of the very
comprehensive System Smart Beginners home study course (now selling for $495);
and 59 days free access to the System Club, the elite alumni association
normally reserved for System Seminar grads only.
If you're not sure of the value, re-read this letter.

I'll be sure to keep you updated on these as well! This seems like a very reasonable rate for such quick, effective (evidently) training.

And finally, they warn us...

"After this seven month series is over, I may or may not repeat it ever again so if this looks like what you want, don't wait for it to come to your city or region "next year." There may not be a "next time." "

Hey, If You Go, Let Me Know!

Pam Hoffman


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