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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Interview with Brad Davidson who went to Internet Marketing Mastery, Sydney Australia

Last June, I found a site on which blogger, Brad Davidson, was attending a Seminar AND blogging about it during the Seminar. I wrote him right away to see if he'd be willing to tell us all about it for the Internet Marketing Seminar Listing Service blog so here he is (and a little bit about why this interview is appearing in August!).

Pam: Hi Brad! How are you? Thanks for taking the time to tell me a little more about the Internet Marketing Mastery sessions which were held in Sydney June 15-17, 2007

Brad: Hi Pam, I am very well thanks and appreciate you taking the time to talk with me about Internet Marketing Mastery. It seems like a while ago now but that is a story in itself, the brief version however is that this seminar was so inspirational and motivating for me that it caused a complete re-think of my business goals and objectives and an interstate move within the last month so that I could change focus and make internet marketing one of my primary business objectives. [emphasis mine ph]

As a solo entrepreneur with an offline business in marketing and customer service and experience management, I have been constantly looking for additional income streams to add to my business. Over the previous 9-12 months, I had been researching internet marketing and building an understanding of how it worked, however, doing very little to get it off the ground and this seminar was able to validate everything that I learnt and prove to me that internet marketing success is actually a reality.

Pam: You know, Brad, this is one of the seminars I missed for my Seminarlist blog this year - how did you hear about it?

Brad: Well Pam, I actually heard about this through a mailing list that I am on with Jay Abraham Asia Pacific who had a special offer to attend Internet Mastery Secrets for free.

I am a huge Jay Abraham advocate and was an attendee of the Jay Abraham Bootcamp in August 2006 and I can attribute much of my mindset shift to Jay directly.

Actually, I attribute this shift to two people, Jay is the second, but the first is Stuart Gordon, Managing Director of Giant Promotional Products in Australia. While working with Stuart, he introduced me to Jay's methods and strategies and was single-handedly responsible for my mindset change that resulted in my interest in Jay and that then had a flow on to the internet marketing gurus that attended the Internet Mastery seminar.

Through Stuart, I was able to see and participate in the success that he has had through implementing Jay's strategies as a VIP Bootcamp Member in 2006 and the offer of free tickets to events such as this shows one of Jay's strategies in all its glory.

Pam: The Seminarlist Blog is all about tracking and listing all of the LIVE! Internet Marketing Seminars in the world. I'm also interested in illustrating the benefits my readers might get from going to these seminars. Brad, what did you get out of going to the Internet Marketing Mastery sessions in Sydney, Australia?

Brad: Pam, this seminar showed me two things above all:

Firstly, that what I had been learning and studying from the experts and guru's was real and this was reinforced by all of the presenters throughout the event.

Secondly, that you can start this from scratch, there is a systemised approach you can follow and that you can achieve the levels of success that the people on stage are having...and enjoy it.

Passive income is a reality. It can be achieved and it is within reach, even for people with no internet marketing experience, no product to sell or limited computer knowledge. You don't need to know how to design web sites, you don't have to be the 'expert' in a particular field and you don't have to 'have money to make money'.

There were a lot of myths dispelled and there were a lot of secrets revealed by some of the most successful people in this industry from Andrew and Daryl Grant who are local to me here in Australia and self-confessed techno-phobes to Mike Filsaime who many people would know as one of the most successful internet marketers around today and who quit his job as a car salesman to follow his dreams of internet riches and has his reputation for making $1 Million in 5 days with one of his products.

The best thing that I think I can do for you here, is to highlight some of the key messages that I got from a few of the speakers.

Stephen Pierce was a great presenter and the main message I got from him came in four simple words: "Where can I win". The crux of this being that you need to look at the market and identify the gaps that are there and find a solution to fill them. You can have the resources, energy and plan but if the environment is wrong then you won't succeed.

Marc Dussault who is the managing director of Jay Abraham Asia Pacific summed it all up with a simple 6 minute video "Shift Happens" which can be found on my site at Bricks from Clicks.

This video contains some amazing facts that really stood out for me and I suppose, more than anything gave me the message that the internet market is continually expanding so anyone who thinks it might be too late to join in should watch this video because this revolution is only just getting started, there is room for everyone and there are still such a large number of untapped markets that are growing daily.

Tom Hua was able to expand on this further with the simple gem that there are currently 1 billion people on the internet and that this is expected to grow to 2 billion by 2010. You just need to take a tiny slice of this $170 Billion pie and you too can be successful online and give yourself the lifestyle that you desire.

Brett McFall, one of Australia's great online and offline copywriters spoke at length about the value of the internet lifestyle and gave 8 reasons why "The Internet Lifestyle Is Better Than Working For A Living" and I would like to share these with you as well:

- You can work where you want
- You can wake when you want
- No staff to pay
- No premises to rent
- Freedom - Your business can be nearly 100% automated
- You can create as many businesses as you want
- Beginners can do it
- There is LOTS of money to be made
Brett's other message is also important in that beginners can make a success of the internet by being the general of the army, not the soldier in the trenches. This is such a great distinction and a valuable message to anyone starting out.

These are some of the main messages that I really felt were important and that really clicked for me at the event.

The rest have a permanent place on the internet within my blog from the event at Internet Mastery Live.

Pam: Talk to me a little bit about posting LIVE to your blog while you were attending the Internet Marketing Mastery sessions LIVE! That sounds a bit tricky.

Brad: To be honest, I am a bit of a self-confessed techno geek and had recently purchased a new phone with internet and email access and really just decided that it would be a fun thing to do and basically, it was simple as typing an email and sending it off to the email address associated with the blog.

This is the power of email and the internet.

Posting live from the event was an interesting experience, I honestly wish that I had thought of the idea before the morning of the event so that I could have let more people know about it beforehand however it did get a great response from the people that I spoke to at the event and responses on the blog.

At the end of day 1, I did a bit of a search on the internet for related sites and posted a message on the blog of another Australian entrepreneur and internet marketer, Yaro Starak who had attended the Brisbane event and this blog message was noticed by one of Jon Giaan's staff and I was fortunate enough that Jon though it was a great idea and mentioned it on stage
for the 600 participants at the end of day 2 which really amazed me and I would like to thank Jon for that promotion.

It is that attitude of giving throughout the internet marketing community that I feel makes it such a great group to be a part of.

Jon's site is still up at Internet Mastery Secrets with some interviews with the presenters from the event including Stephen Pierce, Brett McFall and Mike Filsaime.

Pam: OK, Brad, tell me a little bit about your blog. Be sure to give us the URL as well.

Brad: To be totally honest, this was my first blog! I hadn't really worked out the benefit of blogging and just thought it would be a cool thing to do and if some people were interested then it would be a great way to drive some traffic to my site.

The one good thing that came out of writing the blog was that I needed to condense my summaries of the speakers right down to the most concise and valuable distinctions in order to post via email. I normally take a lot of notes at seminars (and I did at this one as well) but when you have to pick out the distinctions that will be of value to others, it makes you look at it all in a different way.

All of the summaries are still available at http://internetmasterylive.blogspot.com/ and I also have a number of projects happening as a result of the information that I learnt at the event that will be appearing on my site at http://www.bricksfromclicks.com/ that is going to provide the resources to help build both online and offline businesses through the internet.

Pam: Do you know of any other Internet Marketing Seminars coming up that I should post to my blog?

Brad: To be honest Pam, I am going to be keeping an eye on your blog for that one. However if I come across any or attend any in the future I will be sure to let you know and happy to share the secrets of the masters with you.

Pam: And finally, is there ANYTHING ELSE we should know about the Internet Marketing Seminar sessions??

Brad: To be honest Pam, the message that I got from this event is simple, anyone can do this and be successful. So if any of your readers are out there and thinking about getting started, don't wait any longer. The market is growing daily and there is something on the internet
for everyone to allow them to realise their dreams.

I would also like to thank you for taking the time to get my feedback on this event, I think that your blog is a spectacular idea and a great way to share the messages that people learn at seminars.

Many of these are free and the information that they provide is invaluable so if you get a chance, go to a live event and let Pam know and this can be the start of your future success on the internet.

Copyright Pam Hoffman and Brad Davidson 2007

Well, that was very nice - keep looking up the blog Brad, I have over 100 Internet Marketing Seminars spanning the next 12 months and spanning the globe!
If You Go, Let Me Know!


Jeff Miller said...

Does Brad Davidson read this?

I've read one of Jay Abraham's books and I've heard him speak. I am very impressed with his writing but when I heard him speak (years ago) it was difficult to parse out any useful information from the bouts of "look how wonderful I am" that comprised the majority of his talk.

Has he gotten better? I hope so because I would really like to listen to the writer of that book.

Brad Davidson said...

Hi Jeff

Thanks for your comments.

Jay certainly still likes to talk about his success and how much he has done for people. However, having said that, there is a lot of substance to it and he made the point at the bootcamp last year that 'if you don't tell your clients exactly what you have done for them, sometimes they will never truly understand'.

Jay has worked in hundreds of industries (and been successful in all of them) and while it may come across as shameless self-promotion, I really found that it was just an illustration of exactly what he had really done. When you have worked in such a variety of industries what better way to illustrate how any given strategy can work than by giving real-world examples that you personally participated in.

It is interesting that you brought this point up because after the 3-day bootcamp, I entered into a Host-Beneficiary Relationship with Jay Abraham Asia Pacific to undertake client surveys for them with all bootcamp participants with my off-line customer service consultancy company, Feedback Loop. I got the opportunity to talk to over 100 people who attended the bootcamp to find out what they really thought about the event.

The catch was, I did this for free (when I usually charge between $6-$10 per call) however, at the end of the call, I had the opportunity to promote my own services to the clients. This is one of Jay's strategies in action and I can easily say that as a result of that activity, I got over $4,000 worth of business from those clients.

Anyway, that just illustrates how Jay's strategies can work for anyone (my business was only 2 months old at the time) but the experience of asking a set of calculated questions to all participants really opened my eyes as to how many people perceive Jay. He makes it quite clear early on in the bootcamp that the only way that you will be successful with his strategies is if you undertake a ‘mindset shift’. You have to look at the world in a different way and be willing to give, in order to receive. Out of all the people I spoke to, many took a similar view to yourself however out of a group of 100 people, there were about 15-20 who really saw the light and could see how by just implementing ONE of Jay’s strategies in their business could give them an exponential lift.

My advice to you is that if you want to really take advantage of Jay’s strategies then you need to go into them with an open mind and be ready to change. You need to disregard a lot of what you have been taught over the years and be ready to do things differently. If you take that approach, then there is no limit to where Jay can take you.

If you are interested in hearing more, please just post a reply on this blog and I will happily send you my email address and have a more detailed chat about Jay’s strategies.

Jeff Miller said...

I must admit that I only heard him speak for one an a half hours and, admitidly, he was promoting his bootcamp but I just have to wonder how many people got turned off then. I know I did.

I was hoping that he actually got down to real usefull information in his bootcamp but until your review and your reply, I had no way of knowing that he does.

As an example of self promotion, I can see where his speaking technique works. At the time, he didn't make that connection for the audience.

Also, public speaking is different from speaking to a client. I expect that he's gotten better at public speaking since 2004.

I would be interested in any info you can send my way regarding his bootcamp.

Thank you.

Brad Davidson said...

Hi Jeff

The pre-bootcamp events are very interesting. I went to two before last years bootcamp, and while Jay did not speak at these, they were certainly about establishing credibility however they have become far more 'content rich' these days and really do give a preview of the type of content you can expect at the bootcamp.

Jay Abraham Asia Pacific runs a very good program in the lead up to the bootcamp called the Jay Abraham Gifting Tree where they provide a number of valuable resources to pre-frame people prior to the event. I will send you a couple of documents via email.



Jeff Miller said...

It's good to know that the pre seminars have improved. He should be getting a better conversion now.

Thank you for the info, BTW.

Anonymous said...
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Ridwan said...
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jacob said...

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