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Monday, April 30, 2007

Dear Derek

I hardly noticed this for quite awhile and then he asked for survey results. Derek Gehl wanted to know how to make the best newsletter ever. I think he did it too. I'm noticing - I can't wait for the new one every week and I learn so much.

He always has his "Bootcamp" dates in each newsletter so here they are for you!

San Francisco, CA -- May 5 & 6
Toronto, ON -- May 12 & 13
Philadelphia, PA -- May 12 & 13
Edmonton, AB -- May 26 & 27

The amazing thing - he offers them complimentary. Oh, he will ask for money down so you don't yank his chain but there's a refund if you show up for it. Clever. I know someone who made it to one of Corey's events right after his wedding and they do the usual but don't get mad - STUDY THEM! What are they promoting? Is the 'market' supporting it?

How can you cash in on it too?

Until next time,

Pam Hoffman



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